Forget the tools

Inside the AQUA SOLIS3 you will find all the tools and accessories necessary to assemble the system:
• DC cables.
• IP65 switch with supplementary input for existing AC generators (if any) with double outlet.
• Clean, contaminants free cable certified for drinking water uses.
• Waterproofing connection kit.
• Fast DC and AC connectors.
• Tool kit with hammer, keys, screwdrivers.

Safe box

Europallet (800*1200 mm), certified for exportation, and strong boxes, 3 + 3 waves, 1700 BFSV, fit for sea freight.
Each component in the box is packed in the order of installation sequence, so that it will be protected until the moment of installation.
Special boxes for air freight shipment are also available.

System’s main features
Pump Pump with built-in inverter
• Clean Cable size 3x2,5 mm2
• Clean Cable length between 70 and 100 mt
Electrical switch Continuous section 600V Alternate section 400V

• Sectioned power 25 Amp
• Action power AC22

• Sectioned power 25 Amp
• Action power AC22

  Solar cable size 4 mm2 - lenght 30 mt

Structure • Hot galvanized iron structure
• With 15 degree incline

• Max power 225 watt
• Cells in multi-crystallin silicon
• Single module size 996x1504x37 mm
• Single module weight 18 kg


 Go to  to see the video ! installation in Santo Domingo video installation and operation AQUA SOLIS3 (in Italian) video installation and operation AQUA SOLIS3 (in English)